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Barrel Aged

The “M” Reserve

Our barrel-aged beers are beers aged in oak barrels. These barrels were previously used to mature white wine, Viognier, Poujol Lacoste. The beer matured for 8 to 9 months. The wood of the barrels contains aromas which will be transmitted to the beer. The result gives us gourmet and sweet beers with delicious aromas.

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The Meduz Spring Reserve “M”

It’s a sour beer. Spring is part of the 'Göses' family, these are historic beers from Goslar in Germany. These beers have undergone lactic acidification and are enhanced with salt. On the palate, Spring is light, fruity (citrus), tangy (rhubarb, sour candy), very slightly salty. Beer balanced between acidity, saltyness and slight bitterness. Relatively dry beer.

After 9 months of aging in oak barrels, the beer became rounder and lost part of its acidity. The beverage is golden, mellow, with a woody and fruity nose with notes of cereals and grapes on the palate. “This type of beer is a UFO,” remarks Christophe, one of the two managers of the brewery. “A hybrid between an aperitif and a thirst-quenching beer. » It is also intended to be shared around a table. “Aging in barrels makes sense in our region. It’s a great bridge between beer and wine,” he emphasizes.

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Belgian TripelBarrel-Aged


The Meduz Triple SMASH Reserve “M”

Triple SMASH for Single Malt And Single Hop, is made with a single malt, Pale Ale, and a single hop, Cascade. This beer is smooth and strong, with light aromas of banana and citrus. It is very little bitter. Slightly syrupy beer. 


The 9 months of aging in oak barrels brought out nuances of the different aromatic compounds of the wood such as the flavors of coconut, spices, cloves but also vanilla and wood. The exchanges during aging are numerous, the beer will breathe by exchanging with the ambient air, which contributes to maturation by renewing the air inside the barrel, which promotes hydrolysis and oxidation. The interest is to create a special, even exceptional aromatic which comes from the ‘dialogue’ between the previous liquid, the viognier, the oak and the microbiological population which resides there.

(2 originals + 2 Barrel-Aged + 1 tasting glass)

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