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The Meduz classic
Triple Grain-WBA.jpg

Meduz Triple Grain

Born in January, and winning an award in February 2020 in one of the most selective competitions in France !


Meduz Triple Grain is a strong, blond Belgian type beer. Oats, Rye and Barley gives it a softness and roundness in the mouth which makes it very pleasant to taste. It has a light aromatic nose of citrus and red fruit.


Malts : Pilsen, Rye & Oats


Hops : Red Beard & Waterfall


Alc : 6.5%

Belgian blond ale

33-White copy.jpg

American wheat ale

White Meduz

The Meduz ‘Blanche’ is a top fermentation beer combining  the subtle flavours of sweet orange and aromatic hops. Meduz ‘Blanche’ is prepared with wheat and barley malt, the  hops being  added during the lagering period. It has a very balanced flavours, finessing  the palate with a lively and original bouquet, making it a very pleasant and refreshing beer. The Meduz ‘Blanche’ has tart and fruity notes which  will delight lovers of wheat beer with character.

Malts : Pilsen & Froment


Hops : Magnum & Golding

Alc : 5.0 % 

33-Blonde copy.jpg

Pale ale

Meduz Blonde

Blond beer developing an original aromatic nose. On the palate, it is sweet and has a balanced and lasting bitterness. Its body is characteristic of a high fermentation aging beer. The Meduz Blonde has less bitterness than its big sister the Triple SMASH. The Meduz Blonde is lightly spiced with bitter orange which gives it an incomparable powerful and delicate taste.


Malts : Pilsen & Munich


Hops : Brewer Gold & Golding


Alc : 5.0%

33-Ambrée copy.jpg

Meduz Amber

At 6%, Meduz Ambrée is a slightly stronger beer and is the ideal aperitif or accompaniment to a meal.
Its rich copper colour is typical of superior amber beers and the delightful aroma of red fruits and caramel will be appreciated 
Meduz Ambrée is a top fermentation beer containing two types of barley malts and two types of hops.

Malts : Pilsen & Caramel ambré


Hops : Northern Brewers & Cascade  

Alc : 6.0 %

33-Brune copy.jpg

Irish red ale

Meduz Brune

Strong bitter

Meduz Brune is a stout with an ebony color. Its sweetness and "coffee" aromas comes from the use of four carefully selected malts which give the beer a pleasant freshness.

The Meduz Brune goes perfectly with meat dishes.

Malts : Pilsen, Caramel Ambré et malt Café 

Hops : Northern Brewer & Golding

Alc : 5.0 % 

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