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Meduz Happy Spring

Meduz Printemps or Happy Spring is a Göse. A sour beer, very refreshing, light, fruity (citrus and stone fruit aromas), very slightly salty. Beer balanced between acidity, saltiness and light bitterness. Dry beer.


Malts : Pilsen & Froment


Hops : Mistral & Citra


Alc : 4.0%

Xmas 2020 copie.jpg


Happy Xmas

Meduz Hiver ('Winter') is an amber beer, which is sweet with a caramel and cinnamon aroma.
It is a seasonal beer which will warm you during the long and cold winter months.

Malts : Pilsen & Caramel ambré


Hops : Northern Brewers & Cascade

Alc : 6.5 %

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