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Meduz Happy Spring


Meduz Printemps or Happy Spring is a Göse. A sour beer, very refreshing, light, fruity (citrus and stone fruit aromas), very slightly salty. Beer balanced between acidity, saltiness and light bitterness. Dry beer.


Malts : Pilsen & Froment


Hops : Mistral & Citra


Alc : 4.0%


Meduz Happy XMAS

The MEDUZ HAPPY XMAS was designed to celebrate winter. This beer contains cinnamon, enough to make it an exceptional beer but not too much to keep subtlety. It is a warm amber beer. This beer develops a peppery, fruity and spicy aromatic nose. On the palate, it reveals a light bitterness, aromas of pepper and spice, cinnamon. It's a dry beer. ​


Malts: Pilsen & Amber Caramel. ​


Hops: Northern Brewers & Cascade. ​


Yeast: Season ​ Spice: Cinnamon. ​


Alc. : 5.5%

Amber ale

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