Our vision

Meduz Malts

At Meduz, we attach great importance to sourcing ingredients from as close as possible to the brewery.


Uzès, city of art and history, is the ideal place to showcase beers brewed from French malts and hops and local ingredients .

Our products are designed with the aim of having the smallest possible environmental footprint.


environment and quality

Guarantee of the gustatory and sanitary quality of the products : the safety, the quality as well as the traceability of the products is engaged. Meduz has placed traceability and health security at the heart of its corporate priorities. Likewise, it has all the batches of beer analyzed by an independent laboratory (Qualtech) before marketing them.

Also, obtaining 18 medals in the 'Militant du Goût' competition, the General Agricultural Competition, the Lyon International Competition and the France Bière Challenge competition, confirms the taste quality of our beers.


Respect for the environment : saving water, saving energy and sorting waste and recycling it.

Since its creation, the Brasserie Artisanale Meduz has called on a local sorting company for the recycling of its waste, which represents 50 tonnes of malt used and then recycled in animal feed.


Support for the local, French and European economy: Purchase of raw materials: Malts and hops are bought in France (Malterie Soufflet and Houblons des Flandres et d'Alsace). Raspaillou wheat produced by farmers in the Occitanie region is bought from the Moulin de Sauret in Montpellier to make our Blanche & Bio. Our bottles are French (Véralia) and the boxes and labels are purchased in the region.