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Beers brewed in Uzès from French malts and hops

J'ai eu le plaisir de collaborer avec vous. Vos bières reflètent un réel engagement envers la qualité, j'ai pris grand plaisir à explorer la diversité et l'originalité de vos créations brassicoles. Une expérience enrichissante qui mérite d'être partagée.

Meduz Craft Beer from Uzes

Classic beers

Our most appreciated and famous beers are our classic beers. They all have one essential ingredient in common: passion.


TRIPLE GRAIN : Blond, sweet and strong beer. It gives off citrus aromas. of red fruits. It is a beer produced from barley, oat and rye malts.

WHEAT BEER: beer combining the flavors of bitter orange, coriander and aromatic hops. Meduz Blanche has floral and fruity notes that will delight lovers of wheat beer with character.
BLOND : beer developing an original aromatic nose and hints of cereals. On the palate, it is sweet and has a balanced and lasting bitterness. Its body is characteristic of a top fermentation beer.

AMBER : Its caramel notes and its roundness reveal themselves as you taste it.

STOUT: beer with an ebony robe, its sweetness and its "coffee" notes come from four carefully selected malts.

Special beers

These are elegant beers, brewed in smaller quantities, prepared with designed packaging. Three different beers, truly chic, each with its own character, but all of them have an extraordinary intensity.


BLANCHE & BIO is a wheat beer, German type, light and refreshing with a dominant of cereals brought by organic barley malts and Raspaillou organic wheat. Very sweet, aromatic hops give it freshness and a subtle fragrance.
TRIPLE SMASH is a powerful and aromatic Belgian-style triple. Its character and strength come from a single malt, Pale Ale and a single hop, Cascade, hence its name, SMASH for Single Malt And Single Hop.
RED & IPA is an English type beer, amber, bitter and aromatic which will allow you to appreciate its aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits which are brought by the French hops which sublimate this beer.

Season's beers


MEDUZ HAPPY SPRING : it is a 'sour' with lemon and grapefruit notes. . It is a very refreshing beer with a low alcohol content and a very delicate bitterness. ​


MEDUZ HAPPY XMAS: a 'saison' or farm beer. It's an amber with a lot of character that develops cinnamon notes. To drink mainly in winter by the fireplace.

Ephemeral beers

The ephemeral range is also called 'brewer's mood', it currently includes 3 beers ​


MEDUZ APOSTROPHE: a blonde aged with 'medium toasted' oak shavings, giving it aromas of wood and vanilla. ​


MEDUZ SPRING MANGO: a fruity beer, very delicate, without sweetness and with a low alcohol content. It is ideal for those who want to discover the world of beers. ​


MEDUZ FRESH HOP: it’s a collaborative beer produced with our friends from LA BARBAUDE, the craft brewery in Nîmes. It is a dry beer, made with the addition of fresh hops. It is very aromatic, very floral, very refreshing.

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