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Meduz Apostrophe

Brasserie Artisanale Meduz offers you a very aromatic blonde beer, made with French malts and hops. This beer was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Brewery. The Apostrophe comes from the original name of the building where we will spend the next 10 years making our beers with passion. ​


Malts: Pilsen and Munich barley


Hops: Brewer Gold and Golding ​


Oak chips: High Vanilla Oak ​


Alc: 5.0%

33-Fresh Hop.jpg

Fresh Hop

Beer made in collaboration with our colleagues and friends from the Brasserie Artisanale de Nîmes, LA BARBAUDE. This beer is a 'Brut India Pale Ale, or a very dry beer with quite gripping hop aromas. ​


Malts: Pilsen & Wheat


Hops: Hüll Melon & Savinjski Golding ​


Yeast: Verdant IPA ​


Alc: 5.5%

Brut I.P.A

33-Spring Mango.jpg

Spring Mango

This beer is smooth and fruity without being sweet. Spring Mango is the small sister of Happy Spring with 30% mango puree. ​


Malts: Pilsen & Wheat ​


Hops: Mistral, Elixir and Citra ​


Fruit: mango puree ​


Yeasts: Sour Pitch & Weiss Aroma ​


Alc: 4.0%

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