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Meduz Red & IPA

Meduz Red & IPA is an amber beer of 5.5% Alc. Its bitterness and pronounced aromas are characteristic of India Pale Ale. The IPAs were brewed in England for the English people based in India. The beers were transported by boat and to ensure the conservation of the product during this long journey, the brewers emphasized the use of hops in the brewing process.


Malts : Pilsen, Munich & Amber Caramel


Hops : Magnum, Brewers Gold & Kazbek


Alc : 5.0%

Blanche&Bio 2020 copie.jpg


Blanche & bio

Meduz Blanche & Bio is a refreshing and aromatic beer of 4.5% Alc. This beer is made from common wheat produced in the Occitania region.

It is this local wheat, supplied by the Sauret mill located in Montpellier, from the Raspaillou sector, which brings character to our Blanche & Bio.


Malts : Organic Pilsen & Organic Raw Wheat


Hops : Organic crystal


Alc : 4.5%

Triple SMASH 2021.jpg


Triple SMASH

MEDUZ Triple SMASH is an 8.5% lager.

Its sweetness and pronounced aromas make it an aperitif beer. This beer contains a single malt and a single hop hence its name Single Malt And Single Hop (SMASH).


The Meduz Triple SMASH won an award in Paris in 2017 upon its release.


Malt : Pale Ale


Hops : Cascade


Alc : 8.5%

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